The Chains

February 21st 2017

Welcome to The Chains.

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Beaded Frenum Loop - Glans Ring

The Barbell is Included See Below for How You Should Measure Whether you already have a Frenum Piercing or not you are really going to love this piece or maybe we should say that SHE will. Hard to say which one will get more pleasure from it. The Frenum...

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Surgical Steel Log Lock

Here is a piece that has been requested often. It is a 316LVM Surgical Steel Lock. It is not a working lock with a key but does require a screwdriver to operate it. We have several different styles of Locks Available. Measurements Based on 8 Gauge...

Only $38.99 - Click here to buy now!

Monster Screwball Rings

There is no way that the pictures can not do this piece justice. These are not made from bending the heaviest gauge wire on Earth they are actually machined from a single block of 316LVM Surgical Steel. And since these are a Screw Ball Rings you dont...

Only $32.99 - Click here to buy now!
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