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Beaded Frenum Loop - Glans Ring

The Barbell is Included See Below for How You Should Measure Whether you already have a Frenum Piercing or not you are really going to love this piece or maybe we should say that SHE will. Hard to say which one will get more pleasure from it. The Frenum...

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Colored Frenum Loop Glans Ring

This Frenum Loop Ring has a Surgical Steel core with a colored permanent coating to give it is color. This piece has a 5/8 gap and will accommodate up to a 8 Gauge Straight Barbell 7/8 in length or longer. The loop itself is 8 gauge as well. The Barbell...

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Last Ones Hexagon captive Bead Ring(s)

The Hexagon Captive Bead Ring is a real awesome Captive Bead Ring. It gives style to your piercing by being totally different. It is made out of Surgical Steel. Almost looks custom.

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Titanium Captive Circular Barbells

Internally Threaded Titanium Captive Circulars are serious piece of jewelry yet lighter weight being Titanium. Our Titanium is Nickel Free half the weight of Steel and available in several brilliant colors without the use of dyes to color it. We only...

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Darkside Circular Barbell

The Darkside Circular Barbell is a great piece because its lightweight. This is an awesome looking piece however if you are needing it for a MRI or something like that it will not work because the threads are Surgical Steel.

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