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Add On Weights

These are the weights that thread into the base of our Guiche Weights. They are matching in design and diameter so give a nice finished look while adding additional weight. These are also tapped and threaded so that you can continue to add even more...

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Bullet Weight

Surgical Steel Bullet Weights. They are nice to replace the beads in your Captive Bead Rings. These are really an old favorite. They are available in several different sizes and are extremely popular. The Captive Bead Ring is Not Included

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Cobra Vertebrae Necklace

This is a very Exotic Necklace that is made from a Genuine Snake Vertebrae. These vertebrates are legitimately obtained as by-products. So no Cobra or other snake was killed just to make these necklaces. There are no artificial colors added to this necklace...

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Double Tube Bracelet

The Double Tube Bracelet is a fabulous piece of Jewelry to add to your collection. It will go with all of your other Body Piercing accessories. The thickness of the bracelet is approximately 1/4 inch. wide and it is available in three different sizes....

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Double Tube Collar

This Double Tube Collar is made from Surgical Steel. Why not have a matching collar to go with all of your piercing Jewelry. We also have the matching bracelet too. It is very stylish and it comes in three different sizes to accommodate most all neck...

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Guiche Weight

316L Surgical Steel Weight for the Guiche Nipples and other genital piercings. It also has a threaded hole in the base so that you can screw in additional weights to the bottom when you are ready. We do also carry these additional weights. The weights...

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The Megacuff

What would your ensemble be without the bracelet The Megacuff is a perfect match to our Ultimate Necklace or can be worn alone. Naturally it is made out of Surgical Steel so it can be worn virtually all the time. The MegaCuff is made from a 10 mm...

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20 Pack of Replacement O rings

Package of 20 Replacement Nitrate O-rings for all of your body jewelry needs. Black Only

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H20cean Piercing Aftercare Spray

Want to prevent infections. The H2Ocean Spray is the most effective product for this helping cleanse and heal all your external body piercings. It is the only Piercing Aftercare product that contains ingredients that are natural to your body. The...

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Hand Carved Cattle Bone Skull Necklace 1 of 5 styles available

This necklace is a one of a kind piece. It has individually hand carved Skulls from Indonesia carved from genuine cattle bone. The skulls are tapering in size with an extra large center skull. There are small wood beads between each skull so that you...

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