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Extra Large Ring Opening Pliers

We now have pliers that will open Large Gauge Rings. We have tried them and we can now open up to 0 Gauge with them.

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Ring Closing Pliers

If you change your jewelry occasionally these can make your life a whole lot easier and at the same time help preserve the shape of your rings. The Small are for Rings that are 7/16 or Smaller and the Large are suitable for 5/8 and larger. The small...

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Ring Opening Pliers

These can also make things easier you change your jewelry occasionally and will also preserving the shape of your rings. They are especially useful if you have to open one of the larger gauge pieces. The Large Size will work on any gauge rings up to...

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Double Ended Enlarging Cresents

These are Surgical Steel Enlarging Crescents that can be worn as Jewelry while stretching to the next gauge at the same time. They are double ended so the thickest portion is in the middle of the piece. SAVE $125.00 by ordering the Full Set 14 gauge...

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Economy Insertion Tapers

Stretching your piercing to the next gauge and inserting your new jewelry doesnt have to be so difficult. These insertion tapers will help with that. And they wont cause the damage that some people have done trying to do it the hard way. SAVE $100.00...

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Titanium Dermal Anchors

The Titanium Dermal Anchors can be placed just about anywhere imaginable. These are different from surface piercing because these are placed in your body with the aid of a needle and a Skillful Body Piercer. We have them available in 4 different styles....

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Enlarging Crescent

The Enlarging Crescent are a great way to stretch your piercing at a slower rate. The Crescent that you start off with will be depend on what gauge you are now. For instance of you have a 10 Gauge piercing you would want to start off will the Small Crescent...

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Internally Threaded Insertion Tapers

Internally Threaded Insertion Tapers make inserting externally threaded jewelry an easy task and much more comfortable too. They will work great with any Curved or Straight Barbells however are only available in 16 Gauge and 14 Gauge. Naturally made...

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Deluxe Insertion Tapers

The Deluxe Insertion Tapers are really beautiful. They are machined from solid 316LVM Surgical Steel. They are approximately 2 inch tapers that graduate smoothly and are Rounded from tip to back. The uniquely special thing about these Insertion Tapers...

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Whiteheat Taper

Sizes are as follows; 8 gauge = 8 ga. to 2 ga. 6 gauge = 6 ga. to 0 ga. 4 gauge = 4ga. to 00 ga. 0 gauge = 0 ga to 1/2 5/8 = 5/8 to 3/4 All sizes are right at 40mm in long. All Acrylic Jewelry is great for body piercings. This is a brand new color in...

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