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All Acrylic Claw(s)

A ll Acrylic Jewelry is great for body piercings. Also it is UV reactive meaning the color will change or glow under blacklights commonly used in most clubs. I t is especially useful now as it will not set off the metal detectors at the airport...

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Whiteheat Spiral(s)

A crylic Body Jewelry is great for piercings. Here is a brand new color in the Acrylic. It is a pure bright white color that is very cool. A crylic Jewelry is not only popular for their colors there are other great reasons to wear acrylic jewelry. It...

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Surgical Steel Headhunters

Headhunters have always looked great in your body piercings in the glass and now we have them in the 316LVM Surgical Steel. These are new and would be a great addition. They are sure to draw attention and accent your already awesome body piercings. All...

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Water Buffalo Stretching Crescent Sets

Water Buffalo Stretching Crescent Sets are a great way to make your piercings larger with organic stretchers. You get the full set which includes 5 pieces total (see the large picture) the smallest being 12 Gauge and the largest is 00 Gauge. Best of...

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Stretching Nail

The Stretching Nail is made using only 316LVM Surgical Grade Steel. This piece will give you a sharp look and can also be used to stretch you’re piercing to a larger gauge. There are tons of places that you can use this piece.

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Last Ones Surgical Steel Ear Spiral(s)

The Surgical Steel Ear Spiral(s) make a very fashionable earring. These are made from Surgical Steel.

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