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Flesh Tube(s)

The Flesh Tubes are a very simple to insert and wear. All you need to do is slide the tube through your piercing and put on the o-rings and you are all done. If you like quick and easy these were made just for you. These Flesh Tubes do not have the grooves...

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Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnel(s)

Flesh Tunnels are a Sleeve of Surgical Steel with one fixed lip and another threaded lip to make for easy removal just by unscrewing and also eliminates the need for an O-ring. They have an inside length of 7 mm. They turn your piercing into a peep...

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Zircon Gold Flesh Tunnel(s)

An Awesome New innovation in body jewelry is the PVD coating in the Gold color. It is color fast and permanent just as the regular Blackline. This gold coating is also extremely scratch resistant as well as Ultra Safe. It has been independently tested...

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Machine Cog Fancy Earlet(s)

These are a variation on the traditional Earlet. They work the same way and include the O-ring except that we have added a little more style to them. They are also available in a variety of sizes.

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Surgical Steel Halo Tunnel(s)

See the Larger Photo for the Style Numbers. E xciting New Flesh Tunnels are now here. Been looking for something different and enjoy wearing Flesh Tunnels. Well here are a lot of cool new designs to enjoy. Naturally all are made from Surgical Steel...

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Blackline Flesh Tunnel(s)

Just as with all of our other Medical Grade Blackline items. The coating is permanent so there is no need to worry about it wearing off. And it is placed over Medical Grade Titanium Jewelry so there are not even any alloys such as nickel. Our Blackline...

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Mysterium Halo Tunnel(s)

Check out the large photo for all the different styles and numbers M ysterium Halo Tunnels are Black PVD. That is the permanent Black coating that will not wear off over the standard 316LVM Surgical Steel. There are 16 different styles to choose from....

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Whiteheat Double Flared Earlet(s)

A crylic Jewelry is great for body piercings and this is a brand new color. It is a pure bright white color. This is a very cool color. A crylic Jewelry is not only popular for their colors there are other great reasons to wear acrylic jewelry. It is...

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Surgical Steel Flared Earlet(s)

Beautiful Highly polished Earlets with the Flare at one end and the o-ring at the other for easy insertion. These are great to wear by themselves or to wear with a Ring or Circular through which we also sell as a set elsewhere in our catalog. Very high...

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14k Gold Single Flared Earlets

These Single Flared Earlets would look excellent in you Ear Piercing. The 14K Gold we use is; Solid 14K Nickel Free Gold. We use Palladium instead of Nickel in the Gold to help insure you of a healthy piercing. The Gold is available in either; 14K Yellow...

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