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Clitoral Vibrator

The Clitoral Vibrator is just one of many in our collection for your pleasure. It is made all from Surgical Steel. It is also battery operated with an on and off switch. Great for your adult toy collection. The Measurements are as follows: The Shaft Length...

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Vaginal Barbell or Kegel Exercise Weight

The Vaginal Barbell is a great way to build up those very important muscles. This piece is for the women who want to strengthen their vaginal muscles stronger then they already are. Of course it also makes a great gift from the men who would love to have...

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Double Breast Clamp

All Surgical Steel Breast Compression device for females. Bar is about 3/8 by 18 in length. The threaded thumb screws are just over 6 in length and the total weight is 707 grams. No Piercing is needed to use this piece.

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Gosset Retractor

The Gosset Retractor is a Self Retaining retractor to see in the most private parts and into some that are open all the time. Being self retaining as long as there is pressure against them they will stay locked open. They are made out of Surgical Grade...

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Locking Handcuffs

These handcuffs are made out of Surgical Steel and are polished beautifully. They are wonderful fun to use during adult play time. Your mate can lock you up and do what they want to you. These will bring lots of excitement during these times. They will...

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Collin Speculum

The Collin Speculum is a piece that leaves nothing to the imagination. Great for vaginal sensations. It is made out of medical grade Surgical Steel naturally so that just like all of our Steel it can be sterilized after each use. Tip Spread is; Small...

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Cuscoe Speculum

The Cuscoe Speculum is a self retaining vaginal speculum instrument. Self retaining means that there is a screw that will hold it open in place where you want it leaving 2 hands free for Its used to see places where most have never seen before. Its...

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P Spot Stimulator

The P Spot Stimulator is made out of 316LVM Medical Grade Surgical Steel and is designed to give you an incredible sensation to your prostate at the very least. The head will pin point all the nerves endings and massage the prostate all at the same time...

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Shower Nozzle Hose Attachment

The Shower Nozzle is a fun attachment for man or woman. It is threaded to fit any regular handheld shower hose for more excitable play then ever. It is made out of Surgical Steel so not only is it safe but it is also rust resistant. It is about 7 1/2...

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Slave Collar

The Slave Collar is about 5-½” in diameter. This collar will stay in place once your master has installed it with its Allen Wrench key which is included. It is made out of Surgical Steel so it is safe to get wet without worry and has a loop on the...

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