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Internally Threaded Titanium Circular Barbells

Our Titanium is Nickel Free half the weight of Steel and available in several brilliant colors without the use of dyes to color it. We only use G23TI Surgical Titanium or 6AI-4VEli Implantable Titanium. Both of these grades have been successfully used...

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Big Ballin Circular Barbell

You chose the Ball size that you want. You can have the same size or even 2 different size balls. One really small and one as large as 3/4. What ever you want. Just check the Chart Below. These Circulars are all 316LVM Surgical Steel and all internally...

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Captive Circular Barbells

Internally Threaded 316LVM Surgical Steel Captive Circulars are really an awesome piece. They are especially popular in several Genital piercings but are also very cool in the ears eyebrows navel and any other vertical piercings as well. Not only will...

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Chunk Rings

Here is a new item for the adventurer in you. This can create a spectacular visual effect as well as offering a heavy sensation for the wearer. These can be used in any piercing but are highly recommended for the Guiche nipples the Prince Albert and...

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Double Ball Closure Pendulum Captive Bead Ring

The Double Ball Closure Pendulum Captive Bead Ring is vary similar to the Double Gem Captive Bead Rings that we carry however these have no gems. We also have these available with different size ball combinations so they will accommodates a larger Gauge...

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Surgical Steel Disc Lock

Here is a piece that has been requested often. It is a 316LVM Surgical Steel Lock. It is not a working lock with a key but does require a screwdriver to operate it. We have several different styles of Locks Available. Measurements Based on 8 Gauge...

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Darkside Acrylic Ball Closure Ring

The Darkside Acrylic Captive Bead Rings received the name Darkside because these are only available in black. They contain no metal so going through the airport x-ray or a MRI will be no problem at all. You can wear these rings during most any other...

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Happy - Captive Bead Ring

The Happy Captive Bead Ring will defiantly get the attention of others. It will work in Captive Bead Rings up to 8 Gauge perfectly. The Happy charm is made out of Sterling Silver and the Ring is Surgical Steel. If attention is what you seek then this...

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Monster Screwball Rings

There is no way that the pictures can not do this piece justice. These are not made from bending the heaviest gauge wire on Earth they are actually machined from a single block of 316LVM Surgical Steel. And since these are a Screw Ball Rings you dont...

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Niobium Seamless Rings

Niobium Seamless Rings are a wonderful invention. With no ball to mess with these piece are use for several different piercings for the look and the ease. These pieces work great in eyebrow nose and various other body piercings.

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