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E-Stim Conductive Electrogel / lube

Get the E-Stim Conductive Electrogel and let the party begin! Whether engaging in electrosex play or sex play this is the perfect lube.

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The Big Tear Drop Weight

The Tear Drop Weight is a great addition to your body jewelry and sex toys. It will make them heavier and more stimulating. The weight is made of high-quality Surgical Steel and it weights 8.7 ounces.

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Gauge Wheel for Measuring

The Gauge Wheel is a great tool for telling the right size of your jewelry. If you are ever unsure about the gauge of your jewelry this wheel will tell you. It provides a great help for all those who have a lot of jewelry and don’t always know the...

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Large Heavy Weight

The Large Heavy Weights are ideal for enhancing your ball stretchers and body jewelry. They can easily be attached to ball stretchers and help you achieve better results. Available in two sizes: 10.5 ounces and 17.5 ounces.

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20 Pack of Replacement O rings

20 Pack of Replacement O Rings is very useful whenever you need an extra O-ring for your jewelry piece. These rings are strong and will last you for a long time. Ideal for ear plugs and other similar jewelry pieces.

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