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Colored Frenum Loop Glans Ring

Colored Frenum Loop Glans Ring is a body jewelry piece and an effective sex toy for enhancing erections. It is made of a Surgical Steel core with a permanent colored coating on top. The loop itself is 8 gauge and can accommodate various straight barbells...

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14K Gold Labret with Ball

The 14k Gold – Labret with Ball is a simple yet elegant jewelry piece suitable for many different piercings. It’s made of nickel-free gold so it’s body-friendly safe and elegant. You will love to wear it over and over again.

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Tribal Dream Circle Ring

Tribal Dream Circle Rings are elegant and sturdy rings made in large gauges. These rings come apart in two halves so they are easily opened and inserted into your piercing. The rings are made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel.

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